Yesterday, to my great delight, turned out to be a really busy day: I was in the live room within an hour of everybody waking up, and I was playing & singing from noon ’til dinnertime. We did a song that I only wrote a couple of weeks ago, one that still had that just-born feeling still crackling on its skin, and I’m really incredibly happy with it. It gave me the feeling I used to get when I recorded into the Panasonic: “There! Wow! That happened just now, and it’ll never happen again!”
All told, we got three songs done yesterday; there’s really only one song remaining, though there’s bunches of fun stuff left to do with all the others. Including Erik, who gets here today, by whom I mean Erik Friedlander. We are all so giddy about getting a chance to work with Erik that it’s not an exaggeration to say we’ve been waiting all week for this morning to come. Life is good, the songs are dark, and the chickens are kinda quiet. Salut!