Bid Hard: With A Vengeance

Help Doctors Without Borders, who assist in crises around the globe and are universally acclaimed as your on-the-spot people when disaster strikes. Win yourself a Mountain Goats item that even JD doesn’t have in the process, because he’s giving the only copy he has to the auction: a cassette with a song on it, technically a “demo” since that’s how I marked the spine of the tape. I am not archiving a copy in any way. Only one exists. If the buyer wants digitize the song and share it free of cost with the world I have no objections, and if the buyer doesn’t want to do so I also think that is cool, since I believe in legends and think that things you never hear are sometimes even cooler than the things you do. But none of this is of any consequence. The main point is: an edition of 1 is up for auction.
The song, which if I do say so myself has a catchy little chorus, is about doom & disaster, about which I feel a little weird given the circumstances, but what can I tell you: doom, disaster and a sunny disposition is what I do. The song features a spoken intro giving play-by-play information about the muted Cubs vs. Reds game I was watching when I got the idea for the song.
Keep your head up & your spirits high Japan! Your country has given so much to the world and we’re all pulling for you in this crisis! Much love from your friend in North Carolina & New York, the Mountain Goats