Bedecked With Bays And Rosemary

One more domestic show before we set sail for Tasmania: it’s Christmas at the Cradle on Monday, December 18th. Approximately 10,000 bands are playing 3 Christmas songs apiece and I’m one of ’em. I am so over-pleased with my own super-secret selections and can’t wait to play them. C’mon out and celebrate just how ridiculously blessed we all are around here: Bowerbirds? Billy Sugarfix? Bellafea? All on the same night? And that’s just the “B”s? For real.
In other news, we thought a little while about late winter in the U.S. and then we said to ourselves: to hell with it, let’s go to Sweden. And other points north. Mark your calendars, bring your mittens, lace up your dancing shoes! We are stoked.
A huge thanks to everybody who came along to the quasi-secret show at Pitzer and made it such a special night for me. See you-all next year!