Back to Annandale

Until recently the word “news” was usually construed as plural in form, i.e., “here are some news” rather than “here’s the news.” In my dream of a different life, I launch a huge PR campaign to restore this charming if antiquated use to the general parlance. Alas! Too busy to campaign on behalf of anachronistic language usages! Anyhow, here are/here’s the news:
1. A second date has been added for Sydney, Australia. It’s Monday, April 17th, at the Annandale Hotel. Tickets go on sale March 13th.
2. Speaking of Australia! Back in January, In prepararation for the Australian tour, we recorded five songs with Tony Doogan in Glasgow for an Australia-only EP. The EP’s called Babylon Springs, and it has four new songs plus a cover of a Trembling Blue Stars number. 4AD and Beggars Banquet are working to make this EP available to stores who buy direct from them in the U.S., so don’t anybody go buying expensive imports or taxing the Soulseek engine about it. If people trying to find leaked copies of Chinese Democracy get frustrated in their efforts, we’ll all suffer.
3. We just finished recording a new album out at Prairie Sun in California. Scott Solter produced it. It hasn’t been sequenced or mastered yet. It will be out in the fall. We are rather excited about it.
4. We’re touring the American west coast in June. Details to follow…when we have more NEWS (plural).
5. Our love for you is an unquenchable fire! We cannot sleep!