Australia 2007: Thylacine Rising

Among the things I most like to imagine even though I know they aren’t true is that the thylacine, better known as the Tasmanian Tiger, is not extinct but just hiding. I picture them hunkered down in dens or wrapped around tree-trunks, blending in, biding their time. The last known captive thylacine died in 1936, but people sometimes say they’ve seen one. “Oh, sure,” you say, “people will say anything,” but there is this completely awesome bit of footage from 1973. One rather wants to believe. Anyhow, the point is that we’re coming to Australia, and Tasmania too, and are completely stoked about it.
I Shall Now Eat Some Jester’s Pies Tour 2006/7 (nb Jester’s Pies do not pay me to say this or anything, I just have a real fondness for them and would happily grow fat on the custard ones)
30/31 –
Marion Bay, Tasmania, Falls Festival (sold out)
2 –
Perth, WA, Club Capitol; tickets available from 78 Records, Mills Records, Planet Video, and Heatseeker
3 – Adelaide, S.A., Fowler’s Live; tickets available from the venue or VenueTix
5 – Melbourne, VIC, the Corner Hotel
6 – Sydney, NSW, Century Theatre (formerly Metro Theatre); tickets available from Moshtix & all moshtix retail outlets
7 – Brisbane, QLD, the Zoo; tickets available from Rockinghorse, Skinnys, Butterbeats (City & Valley), Moshpit, Music Mania, Sunflower Records, or the venue
Opening for us will be the magnificent John Vanderslice, our longtime friend and oft-time producer – we can’t wait to introduce you to this singular performer!
One last thing. I note with regret that we have not yet visited the Northern Territory. We hope to remedy this situation next time! Much love to the north!