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October 2008 Archives

October 31, 2008 Lubbock Venue Change

Citizens of Lubbock and surrounding areas! Also citizens from other areas who are coming to Lubbock specifically to see the Mountain Goats and/or Kaki King! We are not playing at Tequila Jungle any more. Instead, tomorrow night, Halloween, we are playing at The Foundation. The yellow post-it to the right does not reflect this yet! So, never mind the yellow post-it on this one! Heed O citizens the newest entry on the site and hie thee to The Foundation for the Mountain Goats and Kaki King Tour Of Infinite Pleasures!

October 9, 2008 The Satanic Messiah EP

Four songs I recorded by myself with Scott Solter in Monroe, North Carolina, are now available for download here. The songs will also be available as a limited edition double-7" in a gatefold hi-gloss sleeve, etc., but when I say "limited," I mean it, so please don't hold out for the vinyl; only 665 people will get a copy. (I will be the 666th.) An option to pay me for my work is available at the linked site, but is by no means a requirement prior to download, as that would be weasel business. You do what you feel. I hope you like these songs; I am fond of them; they remind me of old vanished things. They're yours now! Share as you see fit, but if you wanna point people at the donation pages, I would appreciate that; there's an .rtf file included in the .zip file that encloses the songs, so if you just share the whole thing zipped, you won't need to do any why-don't-you-donate evangelization yourself. But don't let me stop you! The evangelical urge must go forth unchecked if the Word is to be spread far and wide.

Your servant