Always Greener

OK, you know how when some kid in the sixth grade has a secret he wants to tell you, but he can’t tell you ’til recess ’cause he’ll go completely ape if he even starts talkin’ about it, so he just sits there at his desk fit to burst with his face all turnin’ red and stuff? Well, that’s been me for about four weeks here, waiting to give you the following news.
We are touring in June. I hope this news is exciting for some people, but this in and of itself is not the totally-whoa-dude exciting news. The I-am-so-stoked exciting news is that Barbara Morgenstern, who is one of my favorite artists in the entire world & whose new album is a shoo-in for my year’s-end top five list, has graciously agreed to open most of the shows for us. To say that I am excited by the prospect of touring with Barbara is like saying that Antarctica is kinda cold.
08 – Richard’s on Richards, Vancouver, B.C. (Barbara can’t make this show: sorry y’all)
09 – Neumo’s, Seattle, WA (21+)
10 – Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR (21+)
12 – Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA (all ages show)
13 – Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA (21+)
14 – Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA (all ages show)
15 – The Casbah, San Diego, CA (21+)
This’ll make up most of our touring for the first half of the year, aside from the Pitchfork Music Festival, where we’re playing on the first day and for which we are also totally stoked. Full-on crazy-people-style touring will recommence in the fall when the new album comes out.
See you soon!