All Lanes Merge Immediately

It’s true, it’s true, it’s all true: the Mountain Goats have signed to Merge Records, and we’ve brought our hard-drinking uncles, the Extra Lens, who managed to permanently misplace two consonants in the switchover to the new decade. The Lens’ first order of business will be to finally follow up on Martial Arts Weekend with the 12-song Undercard, which will be released in October. Expect some touring; watch this space & the one to the immediate right of it. The Mountain Goats, meanwhile, have been toiling under cover of night all year in various studios around the country. We have unearthed a few things that we are really anxious to share with you when the time comes. We feel pretty certain that the stone at which we have been striking will shortly give up gold, or water, or some blood if we’re lucky & my childhood dreams of an earth filled with blood turn out to be true. I feel however that I should immediately dispel the rumor that the album will be called Earth Filled With Blood. There is no truth to that rumor at all.