Affairs in order? House tidy? OK, then. Let’s wrap up the last year before the winged serpent comes and consumes us all in his radiant fire! Tomorrow night, I’m in St. Paul for the Johnslaught at Wits at the Fitzgerald, where John Hodgman, John Moe, John Munson, myself, and Neil “John” Gaiman will, together, in story and song, spearhead the drive toward the end of this last year before the Quetzalcoatl Configuration becomes visible to those whose rods & cones bear the attunement. (NB: none of those other guys have signed off on this description, so for all I know, we’ll actually just be arguing about whether the state of New York ought to grant Antonio Margarito a license to box.)
Then! As the time draws near! I will do like I do in December and play a couple of special shows! First, I’m returning to Second City’s Letters to Santa. Last time I was there it was one of the most inspirational things I’ve ever been part of. Second City’s incredible regulars do improv for 24 hours, and all proceeds go toward bringing holiday cheer to people who’re short on funds. It is an awesome thing, the whole deal: Last time I ended up trading in on a sketch & improvising a verse and chorus for song before a live audience. Seat of the pants stuff. So cool. C’mon out!
Then! Toward the end of the year, and of this age! I will head out to my old home turf to play a benefit for Invisible Children at the Troubadour. I hardly ever get to play solo shows in southern California; to finish out 2011 doing one at the Troubadour for a great cause is about the best wrap-up to Known Reality that I can think of. As at Letters to Santa, I’m doing a full solo set. Because I grew up in California I think I’ll premiere a couple of new songs there just for the hell of it.
I’ll have one other piece of news soon – maybe next week – and hopefully most of the stuff it covers will actually come to pass before we’re all compelled to kneel, singing, in the intolerable infinite glare of the New Pyramids, whose crystalline angles rise forever.
See you there!