2012: Putting the Cyborgs On Notice

I want to explain something to you. On the day when the last of the undead cyborgs lies in the wet red clay of the camouflaged pit that trapped him, and the smoke rising from his circuits indicates in vanishing Morse code that he truly was the last hominid to walk the surface of this late planet, that will technically be a lie, because there will still be three hominids left, and they’ll be called the Mountain Goats, and they will still be touring. On that day, may the fates delay its coming, we will announce a tour of the network of bio-pods underneath the ruins of the former cities, and it will cost you a quart of whole blood to get in. In the present day, let’s enjoy it while it lasts, what we’re going to do is tour down south, because the American South in January is evidence that the universe loves us deeply and holds an abiding concern for our pleasure and well-being.
19 – Antone’s, Austin, TX
20 – Fitzgerald’s, Houston, TX
21 – Tipitina’s, New Orleans, LA
23 – Club Downunder, Tallahassee, FL
24 – The Social, Orlando, FL
25 – Crowbar, Tampa, FL
27 – The Original Cafe Eleven, St. Augustine, FL
28 – The Earl, Atlanta, GA
30 – 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA
31 – Visulite Theatre, Charlotte, NC
2 – the Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC
4 – the Haw River Ballroom, Saxapahaw, NC
One small word about these shows. For years bands have been pretty judicious about playing unreleased new material, because much of it becomes available online immediately, even when the new songs are still in fairly raw form. We, too, have gotten into the bad habit of holding new stuff back. We are done with that whole philosophy, though. I miss playing stuff that’s unreleased & unrecorded, stuff that still stings fresh. So we got together and decided to tour the new songs before we even record them. I don’t guess that we’ll be touring all ten of the new songs I’ve written for the next album (eleven if you count one that’s presently being herded back and forth between its cell & the chopping block), but be advised that if you’re the sort of person who wants as many surprises as possible when you hear a new album, you should tread lightly around recordings of these shows, because we’re not going to be holding the best ones back for the album release like people tend to do now.
We will be supported on all dates by Nurses, who have forever endeared themselves to me by calling their album Dracula! Links to the venues all on the post-it to the right! See you all soon!